I have been to many high end spas in Toronto.  Lisa's touch was better than any of the spas I have been to and paid much more for the service.  She loves what she does and it shows in her work.  When I come to visit Sarasota I always call on Lisa.
- Paula B.

I travel weekly and the long road trips causes me to get aches in my lower back, neck and shoulders.   Lisa knows how to find knots and eases the pain in my shoulders and neck.  I don't hesitate to call on her when I'm in Sarasota.- Steven T.

I have been to a couple dozen massage therapists over the past 15 years all over the country, Lisa is the best Massage Therapist I ever had.  Very professional, she does a great Swedish, always providing more pressure where needed.  After my session I  feel like a million dollars. - Dick L. - Member  of Osprey, Nokomis Chamber of Commerce

Lisa is my go to person.  She always makes me feel whole again. - Susan M.

I called for an in-home visit while visiting from England and I was so happy with my  massage from Lisa I had her over two more times  before I headed home.  She is in my contacts and will be scheduling with her again.  Meridith

My name is Lisa Messenger owner of Believe in Bodywork LLC. 

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Nursing



Massage Therapy:

     I love the work I have been trained to do and it

shows.  I continue to grow my knowledge, taking classes and staying informed of the latest techniques that will help improve my clients health.  I am a true professional and take pride in my work.   A MT client of mine can rest assured I will do my best to find those "knots" and hidden tension points that keep you from enjoying life. 

      My work is a true therapeutic massage. I will not leave you bruised, or sore for days, that's not me.  My goal is to ease into tense areas of the body with slow, deliberate motion allowing the movement of blood to flow freely to the soft tissue that needs stretch and pressure.  It is my opinion that it doesn't have to hurt to be beneficial and I have had much success in helping my clients ease their pain.                 A quiet mind brings an awareness to the inner self (a meditative state) and encourages the concentration to be on the therapy work. My clients know they are in "good hands."   

Certified Nursing Assistant
     Caring for my own loved ones I had a calling to pursue the education further so I could extend the help to clients, friends and their families during their time of need.  Daily living can take its toll without help as we get older weather it be house hold chores, errands, personal care or transportation needs.  I can help.   I got my Certification at Suncoast Technical College and have been referred to clients by a few of my teachers. I am always professional, eager to please and happy to help.    Call me today with any questions.  I want your business and will take wonderful care of your loved ones.  Wouldn't a few hours of help be a treat? Once a month, a week, daily.

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